To insure a better monitoring of all our clients' cases, we closely cooperate with our network of Huissiers de Justice (bailiffs).

At the same time, we team up with Certified Public Accountants, Notaries, Genealogists, Property and Condominiums Managers, Real Estate Agents, Assets Managers, Surveyors and specialised Experts (Technicians, Appraisers & Assessors, Real Estate Diagnosticians...).

Mrs PROTON is also the Founder Secretary member of the association AvEC "Avocats & Experts-comptables" ("Lawyers & Accountants"), which organises local meetings and seminars aimed at promoting the joint efficiency of both professions when dealing with commonl issues. 

We also are constantly cooperating with other specialised colleagues - See "CORRESPONDENTS"


Our Firm's national network is  composed by the member of the Fédération Nationale des Jeunes Avocats (FNUJA, which is the oldest and most important lawyers' Union in France.

The Fédération gathers the Union's local branches. Those branches, named "Union des Jeunes Avocats" (UJA), are young lawyers assocations organised within the French Bars. Mrs Proton is an Honorary Member of the UJA de GRASSE

Also, as a member of the A.A.M.T.I. , a practitioners' association in real estate transactions (, Mrs Proton's Law Office benefits from a nation wide lawyers-realtors network.


Our Firm relies in all legal areas on a large and trustworthy international professional network. Such network is the result of strong and long lasting relationships built through Agnes Proton's professional encounters made within International Lawyers' Associations of which she had been, or still is, an active member:

LOGO Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats  the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats / International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA, of which Ms Proton has been appointed Honorary  General Secretary in 2009,  


 LOGO American Bar Association Section of International Law the American Bar Association - Section of International Law (ABA-SIL

  the American Bar Association - Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate  Law  (

LOGO Union Internationale des Avocats 

   the Union Internationale des Avocats /     International Association of Lawyers   (UIA

 AEA-EAL   and the Association Européenne des Avocats / European Association of Lawyers (AEA – EAL European Association of Lawyers – Association Europeenne des Avocats _ European Association of Lawyers (



Regular Correspondents

To insure  judicial representation outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Grasse, our Firm has secured a solid network with most reliable and efficient Colleagues registered in the Bar Associations of our neighbouring jurisdictions (especially in Nice,  Marseille, Digne-les-Bains and Toulon) as well as in Paris and its suburbs.

They mainly are :

- Mr. Olivier AVRAMO, Avocat au Barreau de Toulon, 226 rue Jean Jaurès, 83000 TOULON;

 Me Alexandra BOISRAMÉ, Avocat au Barreau d'Aix-en-Provence, 9 av. Victor Hugo, 13100 AIX-EN-PROVENCE;

- Mrs. Marie-Dominique FLOUZAT-AUBA, Avocat au Barreau de Paris, 286 bd St Germain, 75007 PARIS,;

- Me Christine JEANTET, Avocat au Barreau de Draguignan, ALCYON, 194 Chemin des Iscles, 83700 SAINT RAPHAEL;

- Me Astrid LANFRANCHI, Avocat au Barreau de Nice, 1 rue Defly, 06000 NICE;

- Mr. Stéphane MOLLER, Avocat au Barreau des Alpes de Haute Provence, 23 Place du Terreau, 04100 MANOSQUE,

- Mr. Jérôme RAMBALDI, Avocat au Barreau de Marseille, 42 rue Sainte, 13001 MARSEILLE.

The Firm's Partner

Our Firm has set up an informal partnership with the S.C.P. E. MONCHO - E. VOISIN-MONCHO, LL.P, whose partners are both members of the GRASSE BAR ASSOCIATION, having their Law Offices in the same building, 3 rue de Bône F-06400 Cannes.

They address complementary areas of practice, such as Labour Law, contentious Divorces and Post-divorces cases, Administrative and Criminal Law: